Dans les quartiers populaires de Philadelphie, Rocky Balboa collecte des dettes non payées pour Tony Gazzo, un usurier, et dispute de temps à autre, pour quelques dizaines de dollars, des combats de boxe sous l'appellation de "l'étalon italien". Cependant, Mickey, son vieil entraîneur, le laisse tomber. Son ami Paulie, qui travaille dans un entrepôt frigorifique, encourage Rocky à sortir avec sa soeur Adrian, une jeune vendeuse réservée d'un magasin d'animaux domestiques.
Pendant ce temps, Apollo Creed, le champion du monde de boxe catégorie poids lourd, recherche un nouvel adversaire pour remettre son titre en jeu. Son choix se portera sur Rocky.


  1. Anon 22.01.19

    If Rocky get's a movie then i want Carnage to get a movie as well so that way we can have a Anti-Rocky.... Can we have Morgan Freeman as Carnage

  2. Anon 22.01.19

    They gotta have spiderman in the beginning of the movie

  3. Anon 22.01.19

    I really hope they at least say the name Peter Parker or Spider-man in this movie

  4. Anon 22.01.19

    like spiderman-3 ߘ

  5. Anon 22.01.19


  6. Anon 22.01.19

    Rocky is more of an anti-villain tho

  7. Anon 22.01.19

    The cgi look, voice and phrase “we are Rocky” already makes this look superior to the character’s portrayal in spider-man 3. Although the whole good guy falls victim to a scientific accident and emerges evil/confused on morals feels quite generic and typical of Sony. I recall from the comics that both Eddie Brock and the symbiote had resentment for spider-man and thus became one to enact vengeance on him. Without spider-man I’m not sure what the studio is attempting to achieve, but it could possibly be a good thing since I personally like change. We’ll see how this turns out, but I’m already weiry of Sony and how they can be a complete let down. Especially with things spider-man related.

  8. Anon 22.01.19

    So if the symbiote never met spider-man why does it look like him still?

  9. Anon 22.01.19

    I’ve waited my whole life for this. Please be amazing.

  10. Anon 22.01.19

    Looks dope af.

  11. Anon 22.01.19

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who heard the music from the infinity war trailer playing in the back ߘ does this mean this movie IS in the MCU?!

  12. Anon 22.01.19

    announcer's voice - This October, it's Marvel on a budget like you've never (ok maybe have) seen before...... Rocky!.

  13. Anon 22.01.19

    Now this is the trailer for Rocky we want.

  14. Anon 22.01.19


  15. Anon 22.01.19

    Oh god do I love Tom Hardy!

  16. Anon 22.01.19

    lets be honest..\nwe all know this going to be great

  17. Anon 22.01.19

    Rocky with deep voice xD

  18. Anon 22.01.19

    It's my opinion ...the storyline i think will be great,Tom Hardy is amazing, the Rocky introduction is great, but the CGI is bit slammed.

  19. Anon 22.01.19

    we need anti hero. what you talking bout'?

  20. Anon 22.01.19

    I want a new Prototype

  21. Anon 22.01.19

    Ah cool I love trailers that give you the entire plot of the first hour of the movie

  22. Anon 22.01.19

    By all that is badass let this movie be amazing

  23. Anon 22.01.19

    Perfection overload

  24. Anon 22.01.19

    Kayn lol

  25. Anon 22.01.19

    Ептить етить

  26. Anon 22.01.19

    Seem-bye-oat? Seriously???

  27. Anon 22.01.19

    omg that tongue tho

  28. Anon 22.01.19


  29. Anon 22.01.19

    i think it looks like crappy cgi, to many teeth on Rocky and it just doesnt look to have the right body sculpture. tom hardy though.... he may be able to make this not suck.

  30. Anon 22.01.19


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