Peu de temps après les événements relatés dans Split, David Dunn - l’homme incassable - poursuit sa traque de La Bête, surnom donné à Kevin Crumb depuis qu’on le sait capable d’endosser 23 personnalités différentes. De son côté, le mystérieux homme souffrant du syndrome des os de verre Elijah Price suscite à nouveau l’intérêt des forces de l’ordre en affirmant détenir des informations capitales sur les deux hommes…

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  1. Anon 22.01.19

    NOW THAT'S A TRAILER. You have redeemed yourselfߑ

  2. Anon 22.01.19

    I’m gonna cry cause pretty much my favorite marvel character getting a movie has become a reality

  3. Anon 22.01.19

    Okay, I can see why they cut out the symbiote scenes for the first trailer. This is fucking epic.

  4. Anon 22.01.19

    At least this Glass says “we”.

  5. Anon 22.01.19

    In ASSOCIATION with marvel

  6. Anon 22.01.19

    H A R D

  7. Anon 22.01.19


  8. Anon 22.01.19

    Trailer looks great, but is it only me that is concerned with the eyes of the Glass like they should be bigger. Right?

  9. Anon 22.01.19

    All the nay sayers from the last trailer are now nitpicking and complaining about how they pronounced \"symbiote\"

  10. Anon 22.01.19


  11. Anon 22.01.19

    Pls dont be r rated i wanna watch it

  12. Anon 22.01.19

    But i really wanna watch this

  13. Anon 22.01.19

    How long have I we waited for this...Well I guess since I was 12..I’m 30 now.

  14. Anon 22.01.19

    For anyone who is complaining about shine or whatever im sure it will look better by the time the movie releases. The Cgi isnt finished yet... not saying it will be good or bad either just visuals

  15. Anon 22.01.19

    Holy mierda.

  16. Anon 22.01.19

    Sym by yote, it’s the fucking last airbender all over again

  17. Anon 22.01.19


  18. Anon 22.01.19

    eh...cgi needs work and.....ah ,wow am undecided

  19. Anon 22.01.19


  20. Anon 22.01.19

    As far as I know, Glass is a villain, not an anti hero...

  21. Anon 22.01.19

    Coolest Spider-Man villain

  22. Anon 22.01.19

    Glass looks like he's straight from the comics. You can't please people; EVEN IF YOU FOLLOW THE COMICS. I think he looks fantastic.

  23. Anon 22.01.19

    No Carnage?

  24. Anon 22.01.19

    Is that Mona Lisa Saperstein?

  25. Anon 22.01.19

    Tom hardy is to good of an actor for this movie. His acting is gonna be great but the story is gonna lack.

  26. Anon 22.01.19

    Glass is a sort of Spider Man movie rated R. Yeahhhhh

  27. Anon 22.01.19


  28. Anon 22.01.19


  29. Anon 22.01.19

    Glass in ucm please

  30. Anon 22.01.19


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