Ben Is Back

La veille de Noël, Ben, 19 ans, revient dans sa famille après plusieurs mois d’absence. Sa mère, Holly, l’accueille à bras ouverts tout en redoutant qu’il ne cède une fois de plus à ses addictions. Commence alors une nuit qui va mettre à rude épreuve l’amour inconditionnel de cette mère prête à tout pour protéger son fils.

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  1. Anon 22.01.19

    Prostituyen mucho la película de spiderman man y haora sacan está vaina

  2. Anon 22.01.19

    Spider man 3 prequel

  3. Anon 22.01.19

    Well Tom’s in it, so I’m sold.

  4. Anon 22.01.19

    Sony bir kez daha en sevdiğim anti hero yu bok ediyor. Teaser daha güzeldi. Bunu izleyince 2002 yılından bir fragman gibiydi. Sondaki sahne slime mı simbiyot mu o ne öyle. CGI kötü duruyo. Müzik aşırı rahatsız etti beni. Infinity war soundtrack niye koyuyonuz. Fan made fragman gibi durmuş. \nİnşallah film çıktığında yalancı çıkarım. Filmin kötü olmasını hiç istemiyorum. Ama şu an görünen o ki kötü film geliyor.

  5. Anon 22.01.19

    Is there a difference between a villain and a anti-hero?

  6. Anon 22.01.19

    And I was hoping what Ben Is Back will be a villain and not another antihero

  7. Anon 22.01.19

    #1 Trending in Argentina ߇߇ߔߔߔ

  8. Anon 22.01.19

    Got a bit of an Alien vibe to it. Me likey.

  9. Anon 22.01.19

    Trailer looking like its a Prototype movie

  10. Anon 22.01.19

    just perfect

  11. Anon 22.01.19

    VO sucks

  12. Anon 22.01.19

    Finally they show Ben Is Backs being

  13. Anon 22.01.19

    Why does that Ben Is Back mask make me laugh so hard lol, looks like a mask from party city

  14. Anon 22.01.19

    I love this trailer! So much carnage.

  15. Anon 22.01.19

    Not to impressed with how it looks..

  16. Anon 22.01.19

    Where is spiderman??

  17. Anon 22.01.19

    Are they gonna connect this to Spider-Man homecoming is my question ߤ

  18. Anon 22.01.19

    It would be really cool to see the symbiote slowly change Eddie, maybe at the beginning of the movie he’s really well meaning, trying to put a stop to an “evil person”. But as the symbiote takes over more and more he becomes more willing to hurt people, it starts out as “just bad people” but eventually he’s willing to kill anyone who gets in his way (police, civilians, etc.).

  19. Anon 22.01.19

    The background music is almost the same from the avengers trailer

  20. Anon 22.01.19

    #2 on trending !

  21. Anon 22.01.19


  22. Anon 22.01.19

    At first I wasn’t so sure this was going to be a good movie but from the looks of it, it actually might be

  23. Anon 22.01.19

    WE ARE Ben Is Back

  24. Anon 22.01.19

    2:16 We... Are Ben Is Back

  25. Anon 22.01.19

    I was really wanting Ben Is Back to be another great superhero movie similar to the likes of The Dark Knight or Logan but this trailor makes it look like just another classic Marvel movie

  26. Anon 22.01.19

    So excited big fan.

  27. Anon 22.01.19

    Rated R?

  28. Anon 22.01.19

    Time to SCREAM!

  29. Anon 22.01.19

    WTF this is straight up copy of Spider Man, Marvel need to sue these people!\nAmirite?

  30. Anon 22.01.19


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